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To all Harbour Users

We have introduced markings on the piers including the red lines, car parking spaces, yellow no parking lines and a passenger walkway (incorporating a dropped kerb at the rear of the Fish Market Restaurant) down Lovat Pier to the Western Isles Ticket Office.

The Authority has also placed in-situ traffic calming measures on Lovat Pier which seem to be working well.

Erection of signage stating the speed limit as 10mph throughout the harbour area.

We realise the pier/harbour is a working area with workers ever present.  It also attracts visitors so these measures have been put in place to help ensure everyone’s safety.

Please note and more importantly , please observe, the speed limit of 10mph on all piers.

Mallaig Harbour Authority Car Parks

Permit Parking Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable to each of the Mallaig Harbour Authority car parks; car park number 1, 2, 3; parking to the rear of the fish market; and parking to the right of the linkspan.

  1. Permits are issued annually in August and are individually numbered to correspond with your parking bay.
  2. You must display a valid parking permit while parking in a Mallaig Harbour Authority car park.
  3. Mallaig Harbour Authority are not responsible for any damage or loss to or from the motor vehicles while parked in the car park. It is the responsibility of those parking to ensure that their vehicle is left secured in the car park and any personal items are placed ‘out of sight’.  Vehicles must not be left unsecured.
  4. All vehicles using the car park must be roadworthy, taxed and insured at all times.
  5. Cars must be parked within a marked parking space corresponding to the permit allocated to the vehicle. Please do not park in an alternative space without the express permission of the permit holder for that space.
  6. If there is barrier access to the car park, please ensure that you close the barrier after entering or exiting the car park.
  7. Priority in allocating spaces will be given to those working for businesses whose premises are on or around the harbour which don’t have alternative parking provision. In this case the permit will be issued in the name of the relevant business. When the business is sold or employees change, the permit will remain for the use of the business (new owner or employee).
  8. Where a permit is issued in the name of an individual, this permit is not transferrable. If an individual is no longer working from the Harbour or resident in the Small Isles or Knoydart then MHA reserve the right not to renew the permit and to reallocate the space.
  9. If a permit is allocated to someone resident locally who subsequently leaves the area then they will be required to return this permit for reallocation to someone on the waiting list.
  10. Mallaig Harbour Authority will maintain a waiting list for those requesting parking spaces. We cannot guarantee that any individual on the list will be allocated a space and no further names will be added to the list if it reaches 30.
  11. If you are allocated a space adjacent to the ferry marshalling lanes you must obey any instructions from CalMac staff when entering or exiting the space.
  12. Parking bays are only to be used for the parking of vehicles, and there should be no vehicle repairs, sales, storage of goods or materials or dumping of any objects within an allocated space.
  13. Mallaig Harbour Authority cannot be responsible for ensuring that the space is empty at all times when not occupied by the permit holder. If there is a recurring issue, we can supply you with notices for the offending vehicles.

James McLean

Harbour Master

Mallaig Harbour Authority

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