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Revised Schedule of Rates and Dues (April 2024)


Rates on vessels (other than those engaged in fishing) entering or using the harbour to load or unload

For every vessel loading or unloading, per gross registered tonne (loading only – no overnight berth): £0.17

For every vessel which shall berth at any quay or landing space, per gross registered tonne per day: £0.27

Fresh Water (per unit/tonne): £1.20

Waste Disposal

Mandatory Waste Charge applicable to all non-exempt vessels using Harbour Waste facilities (per vessel arrival): £40.00

This charge will be levied on only one occasion per vessel per week

Compounding of Dues – for vessels etc.

For vessels using the harbour for regular services dues may be compounded as agreed between the Owners and the Authority.


Rates for vessels engaged in fishing          

On all pelagic and demersal species landed or sold: 2.5% of sales value

On all consigned pelagic and demersal species: 2.0% of sales value

On all shell fish species landed or sold: 2.0% of sales value

All registered fishing vessels using Mallaig Harbour are required to pay

A berthing charge; and Water & Waste Dues,

either on a compounded annual rate or on a rate per visit as below:

BerthingBerthingWater & WasteWater & Waste
LOA Annual Visit Annual Visit
under 10m£70.00£17.50£42.00 & £18.00 + VAT£7.00 & £3.00 + VAT
10m – 20m£120.00£30.00£50.00 & £30.00 + VAT£10.00 & £5.00 + VAT
Over 20m£200.00£50.50£65.00 & £35.00 + VAT£13.00 & £7.00 + VAT

Annual Waste and Water charges will only be applicable where Mallaig is a vessel’s home port. In all other instances, water and waste will be charged per visit. This charge will be levied on only one occasion per vessel per week.

Where a vessel has paid a compounded annual fee and then ceases to fish (other than by reason of bad weather, genuine repairs or holiday) for a period of 3 weeks, the compounded fee will be forfeited and the weekly rate will begin to apply.

The compounded annual fee is payable each January and each visit upon entry to the harbour.

Harbour Dues charge for fishing vessels lying at Mallaig without landing – £30.00 per week


Lay Up Charges:

For every vessel laid up in the Harbour (including ex-fishing vessels), per gross registered tonne per day (Subject to a minimum charge of £10 per day): £0.20


Provision of Flake Ice per tonne: £62.50


Shore Power (Including VAT)

Under 10m Single Phase: £10 per 24 hour period

Over 10m Single Phase: £15 per 24 hour period

Three-Phase: £25 per 24 hour period

Short Stay (up to 6 hours) including VAT

Single Phase: £5

Three Phase: £10


Rates for Cruise Ships Anchored offshore and using the Harbour as Access

One off charge for each ship (to include all passenger dues): £1,800.00


Rates on goods shipped or unshipped within the limits of the harbour

Agricultural livestock:

Cattle and horses, each: £0.50

Sheep: £0.10

Smolts £0.0022 each plus harbour dues as per Part 1 plus £10.00 per lorry load water charge

Morts per tonne: £6.25

All other goods of any description, per tonne (including salmon not processed through Harvest Station): £2.20


Rates for the use of sheds and ground space

These rates shall be fixed from time to time by the Authority and may be ascertained on application.


Passenger Dues

Dues on passengers embarking or landing at Mallaig, each: £0.32

Where a vessel is authorised to carry up to 12 passengers, scheduled sailings will incur a flat fee of £4.00 for departures from the passenger access pontoon

Where vessels are making occasional use of the passenger access pontoon (less than daily), and are not on a scheduled timetable, an additional fee will be added to their compounded dues to reflect this.


Vehicle Dues

Dues on Motor Cars (loaded or unloaded): £1.80

Dues on Caravans, Mobile Homes etc. (loaded or unloaded) per metre: £2.00

Dues on Commercial Vehicles and Coaches, each (loaded or unloaded) per metre: £1.09


Rates for hire of Forklift truck (with driver)

Charge per hour: £44.00 (+VAT)

Rates for hire of Powerwasher

Charge per day or part thereof: £35.00 (+VAT)


All of the above listed dues/rates to be reviewed Jan 2024.

For Pontoon/Mooring Charges please visit our Marina Web Page

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