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Harbour News July 2018

By September 3, 2018News

Annual Report

Here are some excerpts from my Annual Report, compiled to accompany the Authority’s end of year (31st March 2018) accounts:-


There is little doubt that the introduction of RET (Road Equivalent Tariff) on the west coast ferry routes continues to have a positive impact with more and more passengers and vehicles making use of the services.  This is certainly the case as far as the Port of Mallaig is concerned as can be seen via the statistical tables below:-

1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017                               1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018

Passengers       :           301,237                                   Passengers       :           343,847

Cars                 :             71,127                                   Cars                 :             82,230

Coaches           :               1,874                                   Coaches           :               2,375

Commercials   :                  744                                   Commercials   :                 851

The above figures equate to a 14% increase in passengers and a 15% increase in vehicles making use of the Mallaig Linkspan.  However the 2017 summer season was, once again, blighted by poor vessel deployment and tidal issues leading to a myriad of cancellations on the Mallaig Armadale and Mallaig Lochboisdale routes.

With 285,483 passengers conveyed over the sea to/from the Isle of Skye, the Mallaig Armadale service is CalMac’s 5th most popular summer route and it’s also interesting to note that it comes out top of any other route when it comes to the carrying of coaches.  In 2017 coaches numbered 2337 – a 20% increase on 2016 – used the Skye Ferry Service.

Steamer Pier Surfacing Repairs

Surface defects on the Steamer Pier including ponding, drainage channel issues, and concrete erosion were all addressed via a £60,000 contract carried out by Gareloch Support Services.  Work was completed prior to the commencement of the 2018 summer season.


The laundry, shower and toilet facility now available at the Mallaig Marina Centre, along with disabled access and baby changing amenity, continues to be appreciated by pontoon/yachting patrons who are generous in their praise of the state of the art facilities

Usage of the Marina showed an increase on the previous year as the following table illustrates:-


Occupancy                  Short Stay                   Locals

2017                    1547                             42                               65

2016                    1482                             43                               65

2015                    1481                             29                               58

2014                    1503                             33                               56

2013                    1338                             81                               60

It should be remembered that the actual size/capacity of the Marina coupled with the seasonality of the yachting calendar really prevents any major increase in berthing uptake.

In addition to the above a further 58 vessels made use of the moorings at the Marina.

Waste Oil

Waste oil collection figures for the year to 31st March 2018 were as follows:-

Waste Oil:                   11,640 litres

Oily Water/Sludge:     49,924 litres

The full report will shortly be available on the web-site

Board Membership

As at May 2018 the composition of the Harbour Board is as follows:-

Charles King (Chairman)

Anthony Kenning (Vice Chairman)

Gavin Davis

Michael Foxley

Allan Henderson

John MacMillan

Jim Wilson

Jacqueline Wright


Robert MacMillan


01687 462154

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